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Benefit from professional audio mixing

An experienced mix engineer will help you take your tracks to the next level. Waveshaper specialises in audio mixing and finishing audio projects, helping you get on with your creative work.

  • Get rid of “muddiness”
  • Let the all the instruments breathe
  • Get that deep, punchy bass or that up-front vocal sound
  • Make your whole track clearer and louder

With the proliferation of music available today, getting the sonic edge is often what it takes to get heard.  The skills required to produce a professionally mixed, commercially viable product can take years to master and the cost of high-end equipment can be prohibitive for an artist.

Save yourself the hassle and get your music professionally mixed.

Flexibility to work with you

There is no cure-all approach to properly mixing a work.  Through discussion and review we can determine the best approach towards your music. You will find that your own knowledge of audio mixing and production will benefit greatly too.  Engineer, Gareth Hailey is focused on helping his clients progress and doesn’t hide all the tricks up his sleeve!

If you prefer to do your own mixing, the studio is also available to hire on day or half-day rates. Contact us to find out more.

Great Equipment for Audio Mixing

High-end outboard equipment compliments cutting-edge digital tools and mastering-grade AD conversion/signal paths.  Check out the equipment list. We’ve worked hard to put together a space which has acurate acoustics for making good mix decisions quickly.  The room is treated with a combination of broadband and focused acoustic treatments and special consideration to reflection angles around the mix position.

Excellent Rates

By specialising in mixing and post-production, Waveshaper is able to offer excellent rates to clients and can tailor a project plans to suit any budget. Get in touch for a free appraisal and quote on mixing your work.

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