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  • Mixing and Mastering

Welcome to Waveshaper

A boutique studio geared towards audio post-production, mixing and composition.

The room functions as a combined mixing and mastering suite, with separate control positions for each task. Signal flow is based around Mytek/Apogee converters with RME Hammerfall interface.  The master monitor DA converter is a super-high definition unit from Black Lion Audio.  Racks of outboard dynamics, effects and synthesis tools. 20 high-resolution channels of AD/DA are available simultaneously for recording and sending signal.

Tuned acoustic treatment and high-quality loudspeakers enable listening clarity, allowing precise judgement of the mix. Mogami Neglex cabling is used throughout the analog mixing chains. The analog mastering chain is connected via Grimm TPR cable to a mastering-grade summing bus and passive monitor controller.

A variety of popular DAW software is installed and we can handle most project formats.  Or, alternatively work with you here in the studio, right from your own computer.  We are based in Heidelberg West, a suburb of Melbourne Victoria.

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