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Waveshaper Standard Rates

Contact us to get a precise quote on your project or to discuss how we can fit within your budget.

All prices are in Australian Dollars.


Standard Mix Rates

Most songs cost $150 – $350 to mix, depending on what is involved.
Audio Mixing is charged out at a flat rate of $50 per hour or discounted to $350 per whole day.
Artist-attended sessions cost an additional $5 per hour.
Bulk discounts are available for 4 or more songs

Mix review with written analysis

Comprehensive review of your mix with detailed analysis of problem areas and suggested fixes. $60


Mastering rates describe a flat fee per track under 8 minutes.  Tracks 8 minutes and over may incur an extra $10 per minute.

Traditional Stereo Mastering

Recommended for mixing professionals.

  • Traditional stereo master including two file formats of your choice (ie: wav and mp3)
  • Basic mix review
  • Digital / Analog Mastering Chain
  • ISRC and metadata applied to files

$60 per song
$550 for 10 songs (less than 80 minutes)

Stereo Mastering with Comprehensive Review

Recommended for less experienced or bedroom producers!  
Same as Traditional Stereo Mastering PLUS:

  • A detailed review of your initial mix with precise instructions for improvement
  • A secondary review and feedback on your adjusted mix

$80 per track
$750 10 tracks or 80 minutes

Budget Mastering

Recommended for mixing professionals and value-conscious artists.

Your audio is given the same careful attention as in traditional mastering but there is no review and the master will be produced in the digital domain only. This is basically like your “standard internet mastering deal” but it’s been carefully processed by an expert.

$35 per track
$300 10 tracks or 80 minutes

Stem Mastering

  • Stereo master file including two file formats of your choice (ie: wav and mp3)
  • Work with 2 stems up to any many as you like.
  • Digital / Analog Mastering Chain
  • Analog Summing Bus
  • ISRC and metadata applied to files

$80 for two stems, $15 for each extra stem.
Stems can be returned as a mastered stems package (not just the stereo file) for an additional processing fee.

NI Stemaudio Mastering

  • Includes review of initial mix
  • ISRC and metadata applied to files

$100 Per song (4 stems in 4 stems out)


The following services are all $5 per track or $25 per album.

  • Insertion of non-standard metadata or CD Text
  • Full metadata sequencing with album art
  • Additional file formats (per format)


Master CD for replication $10
Audio Reference CD $10


All other work outside of a standard package, including re-mastering, file format conversions and extra adjustments made outside of the agreed scope are charged at a flat rate of $50 per hour.