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Audio Production

  • Mixing and Mastering
  • A Wide Range of Dynamics and Effects Processors
  • High-Quality Monitoring Chains

Take your sound to the next level

Waveshaper is a boutique studio offering audio production services including Mastering, mixing, sound design and video post-production to musicians, composers and media organisations.

Great Gear, Great Rates, Great Results

The audio production suite utilises an array of high-quality analogue and digital equipment and mastering-grade audio chains. By specialising in the post-production environment, Waveshaper Audio is able to offer excellent rates to clients. With formal qualifications and decades of experience as both an audio producer and performing musician, you can trust Engineer, Gareth Hailey to bring out the best in your music.

Online Audio Production Services

Take care of your mixing, mastering and production needs from the comfort of your home or office with highly competitive rates.  Your work can be submitted, reviewed, paid for and returned to you online.  Contact Waveshaper for a free appraisal and quote on your next audio job.